Top Tips For Cleaning Your Appliances

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As spring approaches, it’s common to mark the occasion by cleaning our homes to welcome the
new season. Most of us have our own rituals for spring cleaning, but often forget about our appliances. Keeping your appliances healthy means a healthier environment for you and your family. 

Add these tips to your cleaning schedule to keep your appliances performing to the best of their ability.

Washing Machines

  • Yearly: Inspect the hoses for signs of wear, leaks or kinking. Washer inlet hoses should be replaced approximately every 5 years.
  • Monthly: Clean the door seal and the inside of the washer. Your washer may have a special cycle for you to add bleach or machine-specific cleaner that will keep your washer in top shape.


  • Every 1-2 years: Every couple of years check your exhaust vent and inside your dryer cabinet for accumulated lint. If you do a lot of laundry, check your vents more often. Most manufacturers recommend a qualified professional clean the inside of the dryer cabinet.dryer drum with towels
  • Every 6 months: You’re probably clearing your lint screen after every use, but are you cleaning the screen itself? Clean with hot water, a mild soap and a stiff brush to remove any residue build-up. Let it dry completely before putting back into place.
  • As needed: Clean the inside of the dryer drum. A mild detergent and warm water wipe-down should do the trick. Be sure to rinse well with a wet towel. Tumble some clean towels to dry the drum.


  • Twice a year:
    • Fridge InteriorShelves, bins & drawers, interior surfaces, doors and door liners all need cleaning. Make
      sure you let your shelves warm up to room temperature before hand-washing them.
    • Is your fridge toe grille removable? Vacuum the dust and dirt away and wipe down. Make sure it’s dry before replacing.
    • Have an ice maker installed? Check your manual to find out how to remove the chute so you can safely clean it.


  • dishwasher interior filtersAfter each load: Clean out the filters to ensure you’re not distributing old food particles
    onto the next batch of dishes.
  • Monthly: Check and clean the spray arms (both upper and lower) to ensure there are no food particles blocking water flow.

Note that each appliance manufacturer will have different tips and timelines for their own appliances. It’s really best to review the user manual specific to your appliance. If you can’t find your manual, try the manufacturer’s website for an online copy.

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