Three Myths About Using Washing Machines

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The washing machine is one of the most commonly used appliances at home, but not everyone knows how to use it most effectively. Our product experts share three common myths they hear from customers, and give alternatives to get the right result.

Myth #1: Clothes that haven’t been washed for a while need to be washed in high power mode

When washing items that only get cleaned once a year or so, such as curtains, many people choose the most powerful washing cycle available on their washer in the hopes getting “deep” cleaning. It’s more important to choose the right option according for the fabric. Otherwise, it might cause shrinkage or damage to the material.

Myth #2: The more detergent you put in, the cleaner the clothes

Adding more laundry detergent does not clean your clothes better. In fact, it could be harmful to you and your family – especially in BC, where our “soft” water suds easily. Extra detergent doesn’t dissolve or get rinsed away. They remain attached to the clothes and then transfer to your skin, where it may cause rashes and allergies.

Myth #3: Everything should be washed with cold water in order to prevent shrinkage and save energy

It’s true that washing with cold water can prevent shrinkage of certain fabrics such as wool, and it saves energy. However, cold water does not completely dissolve detergent – which could accumulate in the washer and block the drainage.

Occasionally run your washer on a hot water cycle to clear up any blockages that might build up over time.

General Maintenance Tips for Your Washing Machine:

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    • After every wash, keep the door open to help the washer dry and prevent mould, do not immediately shut the machine door. Wipe the inside of the machine – especially the rubber seal and gasket – to prevent mould and odours.
    • If your washer smells bad, run a couple of towels in Sanitize mode. It’s also a good idea to wash with high temperature once in a while to disinfect.
    • To further clean your washing machine, buy a washing machine cleaning tablet. These can be found at Reliable Parts, located in our stores.

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