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Five Tips for Grill Maintenance

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Grill Maintenance

Knowing how to clean your grill is just as important as cooking on it. In fact, one can affect the other.

Leftover grease, oil and burnt-on foods can stick to cooking grates and affect your prized protein, ruining the taste and the backyard patio party you’ve been preparing for. Avoid the mistake of leaving all the cleaning to the last minute and follow these five easy steps: Continue reading

Recipe: Blue Cheese Burgers

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Image of hamburger and fries on a white plate.Have you gotten back from your latest summer adventure and realized it’s suddenly mid-August? Time to start sneaking in a few more barbeques amongst all the back-to-school preparations. Sure to please everyone coming to dinner, these decadent Blue Cheese Burgers are just what you need to distract your family and friends from the imminent demise of summer vacation (or to celebrate the kids returning to school – we don’t judge). Continue reading