How To Load Your Dishwasher To Get The Best Clean

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Loading your dishwasher isn’t as straight-forward as you might think it is. What you really want to accomplish is getting the best clean possible for your dishes. Here are some tips from one of our product experts to help you get the best cleaning results from your dishwasher. Continue reading

Will iPhone’s New iOS 12 Measure App Make Appliance Shopping Easier?

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If you installed the latest iPhone iOS 12 update, you might’ve noticed a new, handy app called “Measure”. It’s a neat tool that uses your iPhone’s camera to measure surfaces and nearby objects – which might make your next appliance-shopping trip much easier. Since measurement is so important when selecting new appliances, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make that easier for our customers. We’re going to take a look at “Measure” and see how it measures up …

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