How to Buy a Barbecue

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Looking to buy a barbecue? Get tips on what you need to consider and how to keep this clean, in this interview by CTV’s Marke Driesschen.


Marke: Time to fire up the grill. Any time around BC is time to fire up the grill, right? Drew is here as well, and Drew we’re talking about what people need to know if they’re in the market to get a new barbecue, whether it’s a standalone or perhaps incorporating it in an outdoor kitchen.

Drew: Right, right. Thanks Marke. A lot of things people need to know before they venture down to the store. One is going to be your fuel source. Are you going to go with a liquid propane bottle, or are you going to be able to hook up to natural gas supplied by your home? The other thing you’re looking for is the spacing you can accommodate, right? Like some people are going to do the built-in kitchens, which we’re seeing a lot more of as we get into these luxurious homes we’re dealing with, and then there’s freestanding. But still, you need to consider how much room you can dedicate to this on the patio.

Marke: And the built-ins look great, right?

Drew: Built-ins are stunning. With the built-ins, you really gotta go get the higher quality. Because it is built-in, it’s gonna stay. You don’t wanna to be replacing this thing in 5 years. It’s important to get 3 or 4 gauge stainless steel when you’re living near the ocean, which we all are here in BC.

Marke: Yeah, exactly. Now brand-new they look great. Keeping them looking new, that’s another thing, right?

Drew: Yeah. I mean the outside, you can always keep that looking new, and that’s just elbow grease. Keep them clean; stainless steel polishes are out there. Not a lot has changed in that. When it comes to cleaning your grates, it depends on the service you’re using. Stainless steel, I recommend while the grill is nice and hot after you’ve cooked, hit that with at wet, soft brass bristle brush.

Marke: Okay.

Drew: If you can say that! And actually steam is what’s happening there. We talk about it in appliances all the time. It’s going to lift everything off the stainless steel. If you’re using cast iron grates, bake it off. Crank it up nice and hot when you do it next time you cook or after you’re done, and just incinerate it.

Marke: Just ensure all around good eating outside all the time.

Drew: Absolutely.

Marke: And I love this feature as well. This is nice. Can I get you a drink?

Drew: I’d love one! Thank you.

Marke: There you go! Cheers.

Drew: Cheers. Thank you.

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