Five Tips for Grill Maintenance

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Grill Maintenance

Knowing how to clean your grill is just as important as cooking on it. In fact, one can affect the other.

Leftover grease, oil and burnt-on foods can stick to cooking grates and affect your prized protein, ruining the taste and the backyard patio party you’ve been preparing for. Avoid the mistake of leaving all the cleaning to the last minute and follow these five easy steps:

  1. Cooking – and cleaning – all begin with the grates. Use a stainless steel brush to scrape off any residue before taking the grates off the grill completely. Once you take them off, clean them with a towel and warm soap water. Don’t forget to clean both sides, as the underside can get even worse than the top!stainless-steel-brush
  2. Cleaning your grill burners is a careful process. First, use a wire brush to remove surface corrosion and restore the burners back to their former glory. Next, check the burner ports to ensure they aren’t blocked by debris or insect nests. If they are, just use an opened paper clip. Be careful, as you do not want to enlarge the burner ports.
  3. Keeping the drip pan clean is something that should be done regularly, beyond the once-a-year cleaning. To do so, slide the drip pan out and dispose of any grease or leftover drippings. Scrape any debris into the disposable grease tray that usually sits alongside the drip pan. This disposable grease tray should be replaced every few weeks.
  4. If there is a large build-up of carbon and black residue underneath the lid, use a stainless steel brush and some soapy water to scrub it off. Afterwards, you can take care of the discoloration with a terry cloth, or another absorptive towel, and more soap water.
  5. Don’t forget the outside! To wash the exterior, use warm soapy water first, rinse, then wipe dry. Remember to wipe with the grain if you’re cleaning stainless steel.

If you think your grill is beyond a simple cleaning, we have a wide selection of liquid propane, natural gas and charcoal grills. Couple that with specialty items like a bar fridge for your drinks, and your summer is well on its way.

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