The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: An Outdoor Kitchen

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If you were to ask your dad to build his dream kitchen – a.k.a. a kitchen he would use – what do you think it would look like? Would it be an indoor wonderland or an outdoor playground? We’re going to guess he’ll want an outdoor kitchen for his entertaining needs.

Outdoor living spaces have become more and more crafted than they ever were before. It’s no longer just a couple of lounge chairs with a barbeque tucked into the corner. Nowadays you’re likely to find a carefully appointed seating area complete with lighting (for entertaining day or night), heat lamps to ward off the evening chill and a full kitchen to feed company (and yourself) day or night.

So what’s needed to furnish the kitchen portion for this outdoor living space?


The item most people will think of when presented with the phrase ‘outdoor kitchen’ is the BBQ. For your outdoor kitchen you can have a barbeque centre customized to fit your space. So the question then becomes: what shiny things do you want customized in your BBQ centre? Choices abound: you can add on a side burner – maybe for some wok cooking or to prepare side dishes without having to go back and forth between your (indoor) kitchen and the bbq. You can also add rotisserie and smoker options, depending on what type of cooking you prefer.


Hand-in-hand with the type of cooking you’ll be doing is a way to deflect smoke and grease away from the walls and ceilings. Your new outdoor kitchen may need an outdoor hoodfan.

Sub-Zero Outdoor UnderCounter Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Outdoor Refrigerator


Having a refrigerator outdoors means you’re able to prep ahead of time and store everything near the cooking centre instead of having to make a run between the BBQ and your indoor kitchen. Season the steaks, marinate the kebobs and have a cold beer ready and waiting when it’s time to get started.

There are a variety of options here: undercounter refrigerators and freezers are the most popular, but refrigerator drawers and ice makers are both up-and-coming choices. Just be aware that if you have an ice maker you may need a line to your water connection.

Warming Drawer:

If you’re feeding a large crowd, a warming drawer is a nice touch if certain foods take longer to cook than others. This way you can have everything ready to go at the same time and in the same place without having to run back indoors to grab the buns.

Lynx Pizza Oven LPZAF

Lynx Pizza Oven – ask us!

Pizza Oven:

If you’re going to all the trouble of creating an outdoor kitchen, why not put in a pizza oven? Outdoor pizza ovens can emulate the wood-fired pizza taste everyone craves but can’t usually achieve at home.


Having to drag the dishes inside to wash after your party is a pain. An outdoor dishwasher will let you get the dirty dishes sorted while hanging out with your guests – instead of stacking dishes in the sink for later.

Gas Fire Pits:

Whether it’s a late night or early morning, an outdoor fire feature will let you safely enjoy your space year-round. Fire pits might not seem like a feature for an outdoor kitchen, but toasting marshmallows over the flames completely counts as cooking.

Napoleon PatioFlame Table

Napoleon PatioFlame Table – we do carry these!

Note that just because something claims it is weather-resistant doesn’t mean it’s safe to use outside. Make sure the appliances you choose for your space are rated for outdoor use.

For more information about outdoor kitchen appliances, drop by our stores any time or ask an expert.



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