5 Organization Hacks You Can Start Doing Today

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Organizing your home is an ongoing process. Other priorities might pop up, but there are ways to incorporate this habit into your weekly routine to make it less of a chore.

Our home design partner Jamie Banfield recommends these 5 organization hacks that he personally uses to keep his home clutter-free.

Everything Has a Home
Make sure everything has a designated place around your home. For example, some people put their wallets, keys and phones in a dedicated holder near their front door. Your object’s home helps identify where something should be when doing a quick 2-minute clean-up. Jamie’s motto is if you can’t find a home for your pieces, donate them.

One In One Out
Use the One In One Out rule – when you buy something (like a new jacket), you also remove an older jacket for donation/repurposing. This tip is helpful in wardrobe organization, especially if you’re updating your clothes, shoes and accessories every season. Jamie recommends practicing this rule during busy times like the start of summer and back-to-school months.

Use Bins and Containers
When organizing items, bins and containers are your best friends. Jamie’s closet at home has bins sorted seasonally. During the winter, he puts his beachwear and flip-flop in the back and toques and gloves in the front.

Make a Quick Tidy Pile
Be efficient in the clean-up process by gathering all the items into a quick tidy pile first, then place them back in their home. Jamie’s pro tip is to do this every few weeks, so this pile remains small and manageable.

Progress Takes Time
Don’t feel rushed into getting things done; allow time to get used to the routine of organizing and finding the right home for your décor pieces and clothing. Jamie suggests to label your bins to know what is inside and save time during the cleaning process.

There are lots of great ways to set yourself up for success and to get organized around the house. Start small, then branch out as you get more comfortable. Remember, this is a test of patience – change comes over time and not overnight. For even more helpful tips, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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