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Built-In Appliances Offer a High-End Look, Minus the Price Tag

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Bosch built-in kitchen whitePlanning a kitchen reno? Don’t discount built-in appliances—(you know, the sleek ovens and fridges you’ve spent hours drooling over on Houzz)—because you assume they’re out of your price range. Seamlessly integrated alongside kitchen cabinetry, the new generation of refrigerators, wall ovens, cooktops and even microwaves, add value to your home—and can be surprisingly affordable.
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Five Tips for Grill Maintenance

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Grill Maintenance

Knowing how to clean your grill is just as important as cooking on it. In fact, one can affect the other.

Leftover grease, oil and burnt-on foods can stick to cooking grates and affect your prized protein, ruining the taste and the backyard patio party you’ve been preparing for. Avoid the mistake of leaving all the cleaning to the last minute and follow these five easy steps: Continue reading

How To Load Your Dishwasher Properly. Seriously.

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open dishwasher view from topDishwashers are a staple appliance in most North American households. They take away the time-consuming task of hand washing your dishes and makes it more efficient. However, you’re probably familiar with the long-standing arguments around proper dishwasher loading techniques, such as whether or not you need to rinse your dishes first. The tips in this post should put an end to your arguing once and for all – at least when it comes to the dishwasher!
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