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Recipe: Cornish Game Hens with Garlic & Rosemary

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Cornish Hens roastedThe holiday season is starting – which means family, friends, partying, decorating, cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, mailing and on and on. With so much going on, you’ll need to start planning now in order to enjoy the holidays stress-free! Knock one thing off your to-do list by sorting out your menu plan early. From Chef Neil in our Alberta stores, this Cornish Game Hen recipe is sure to make your gathering the most impressive of all. Continue reading

Being Efficient: Making the Most of Your Appliances

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BC Hydro Power Smart Logo for efficient appliancesBC Hydro’s Power Smart Fall Appliance Program began on October 1, with many incentives to buy energy-efficient home appliances. These great savings make it a good time to buy now, but you can sweeten the deal by making the best use of your new green appliances to save even more. Continue reading

On now: Miele promotions and new dishwasher launch

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Miele Lifestyle Kitchen Image

Miele has unveiled some rare promotions to coincide with the launch of their newest addition to their innovative dishwasher lineup: the new Futura dishwasher at a special price and the chance to receive a free 5 Year Warranty with the purchase of any Miele dishwasher or Miele range for the month of November. There is also the chance to save up to 10% off a Miele Complete Cooking Program. Continue reading

Why do I need an Air Purifier in the Winter?

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With the number of hours spent indoors skyrocketing during the winter months, it’s important to improve the indoor air quality of your home. Pollen is still lurking on the ground outdoors and can easily travel indoors through an open door or window, along with another allergen that thrives in moist conditions — mould. Additionally, there can be a build-up of unwanted dust, bugs and mites that can impede your ability to be comfortable in your own space.

Here are a few noteworthy examples of what winter can throw your way. Continue reading