What You Need to Know About Buying Apartment-Sized Appliances

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Blomberg KitchenSmall and cozy are becoming the norm in Greater Vancouver as house prices skyrocket, and smaller apartments and condos become more in demand. From laneway houses to “Manhattan-style” condos, these smaller spaces provide the same challenge: maximizing space. Finding appliances for a smaller home is no different. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice design or functionality for size, as manufacturers such as Blomberg specialize in catering to apartment and condo owners.
Here’s what you need to know when selecting apartment-sized appliances, and our choices for Blomberg products that will pack a powerful performance as well as save you space

Made to Measure

Most apartment-sized appliances start at 24-inch in width and go up from there. It sounds small, but it’ll still do its job. Modern dishwashers are already 24 inches wide, so you aren’t losing anything there, though it is possible to even go down in size.  And in fact, when it comes to ovens, did you know the optimal cooking size is 24-inch?

If you’re concerned you’re limiting yourself, we recommend measuring your actual space, or appliance cut-out, rather than any product you currently have in place. You might discover you have more room than you initially thought!

What You Should Measure Before Buying A Fridge What you should measure before buying a fridge

The important thing is to bring your measurements when you visit us in-store. From there our Product Experts works with you to recommend which appliances will work best for your available space.

OUR TIP: Not great at working a measuring tape? Take a picture with your smartphone or camera! Our Experts can usually tell from a few photos what appliances will fit.

You can also get around width restrictions by choosing compact products such as a Blomberg’s stackable washer and dryer, or a sleek, space-efficient fridge with a bottom freezer like this counter-depth bottom-freezer refrigerator, in case you have a narrow kitchen that can’t accommodate full-size swing-out doors.

 Get the Details On Your Appliance Needs

Space isn’t the only thing to consider when buying apartment-sized products. You also need to know a few things, such as:

  • Which appliances require gas or electric?
  • Are they built-in or can they be freestanding?
  • How old is your wiring? Can it handle newer appliances?

It’s good to note these things because options will vary according to which type of appliance you need.

Also, think about how you’ll be using them. Will you need a large oven if you rarely cook? Probably not. In that case, a space-efficient convection microwave oven such as this over-the-range microwave or an induction cooktop might be all you need to occasionally heat up your leftovers or host a small group of friends.

On the other hand, if you’re a home chef with a small kitchen and you like entertaining, you may think you’re missing out on cooking that Thanksgiving turkey. Think again. The Blomberg 24 inch wall oven with convection is a great example of a space-savvy oven that will often fit a small turkey or even a medium-sized roast chicken.

OUR TIP: Not sure whether your appliance is built-in or freestanding, or the amperage your unit can handle? Look at the products you already have, or ask your property manager how old the building is. Our Product Experts can usually tell which kind of appliances you’ll need.

An Appliance for Every Budget

There’s no need to sacrifice function because of size. European brands are known for producing functional and sleek appliances that are compact, long-lasting and energy-saving. They are also perfect for small-scale living, when your kitchen might be next door to the bedroom, or office space, and a whisper-quiet dishwasher becomes essential.

If you’re operating on a smaller budget, you can still find something that looks good and is functional. This stackable heat pump dryer maximizes energy use and requires no outside venting. An ideal choice for those with a closet-sized laundry area.


The important thing is to know the price range you’re comfortable with. Blomberg carries an array of compact appliances to fit your home and lifestyle. For more details on their products and their current deals, head to our Blomberg brand page.